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'PIO the alternative to rock'
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Pio are comprised of 3 full time members with regular guest appearences. The origin of the band is of yet unknown.With a wide variety of musical tastes the members of PIO have formulated a unique sound which captures musical sounds from many different genres of music. Based in Limerick PIO have penned down a bunch of songs raging from acoustic ballads to scuzzy rock numbers. PIO plan to record their 1st EP in the Agust/Septemeber period. Expect tracks such as: Mirrors, No Deadlines & Learn from my mistakes. The members of PIO like to keep to themselves in order to prevent exterior pressures from influencing their material in a negative manner. PIO will reaveal theri true identity when the time is right!!! Considered by many fans as being both 'melodic, encaptulating and morbid' the band has never commented on their style and remain one of the hottest prospects of the future.


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