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'PIO the alternative to rock'
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Who inspires us to dowhat we do?

Our intersts vary widely, from hard hitting rock songs to mellow acoustic ballads. Some of our favourite artists are: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Damien Rice, Bell X1, Interpol, Blink 182, The Stands and many more.
One poses the question: 'Do we sound like any of these bands?'
I should like to think that as our influences vary so much that music we create is something unique and different from mainstream music.
The fact that we use a wide variety of instruments and have numerous guest musicians on our sets makes us one of the most exciting bands. For that reason I think that our sound could not be compared to that of any other group.


Why not listen to our song Mirrors our visit us on myspace @ Who do we sound like? Give us your opinion by email: Thanks.